My Work

This page shows my list of projects, current and past. I'll list the name and a short description of the project, aswell as what I used to make it listed from most to least used.

My Portfolio Site

I made this website using HTML and CSS as a personal portfolio to show off my achievements and skill as a developer. I feel like i did a pretty good job, let me know what you think.


Basic To Do List Page

This page is one of the projects I made from the CareerFoundry bootcamp, its simple but usefull. I made it using HTML, CSS, JS, and JQuery.


Basic Pokedex Page

This one is an index of the original 151 Pokemon. This is another project that I made from CareerFoundry, I used JS, HTML, CSS, and the bootstrap library to make this.


F/Stop Movie API

This is a web API for movies I built for a CareerFoundry project. It holds a list of movies, directors, genres and users for use in another Front-End webpage. I made it using JS, MongoDB, HTML, and express.js.


F/Stop Movie Page

WIP A page built to diaplay the data from my movie API.